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Here at Hack My Boom Beach we believe customer satisfaction is extremely important when running a service like ours. We also believe recommendation is key to keeping a service running therefore if you experience any problems we would love to help you resolve your issue(s) or problem(s) as soon as possible.

We know how annoying it can be when things just don’t go your way that’s why we have recently created a contact form on which we try our best to reply within 24 hours, this may vary but the majority of issues will get a reply within a day, so you can never be that far away from claiming those resources you urgently require.

Please first retry the process if you receive the same problem please go ahead and try the generator with a different web browser, we have tested the generator on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari the rest of web browsers should work but have not yet been confirmed.

You can easily access the generator again by simply clicking the “Try the generator again” button below.

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